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Buying a shelf company in Romania

Our shelf companies are limited liability companies, registered and are available for immediate purchase. These companies did not perform any transactions, were not in any contractual relations, have no obligations and have an director/shareholder appointed.

Such a company has an open bank accounts.

If you decide to purchase a ready made company, you are allowed to initiate your business activities immediately. And thereby, one of the most important advantages of acquiring this type of firm resides in its time-saving attributes. Having an already created company at your disposal translates into increased business responsiveness when being interested in bidding on extremely significant contracts or delivering a solid guarantee for various transactions.

Our experts created a comprehensive offer of already established companies in Romania, understood as competitive devices ready to perform in a challenging environment. We have a wide range of company names which have been pre-registered; you may select the one that you want so that you can get your business up and running rapidly and effectively.

For more information call us +40 722 342 141 or use our website's online chat, you can also request a shelf company, already (national) Vat registered and with an open bank account.

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